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Can Can Heads / Platypus* - Can Can Heads / Platypus (Vinyl)


  • Platypus Designer Duct Tape is the perfect tape to use for your next duct tape project. Choose from 21 designs to find the perfect pattern. Craft a wallet out of Houndstooth, Jolly Roger, or Leopard. Make duct tape flowers with Pink Polka Dot, Paisley, and Grass.
  • Platypus. Mammals; This unusual looking animal actually has a venomous spur on its back legs. X. Platypus. This unusual looking animal actually has a venomous spur on its back legs. Share Link. Featured Videos Related Black-Footed Ferrets. Civets Love .
  • Option 1. You can ask for our standard look, which you can find among the photos above, and includes a color per eye (which will be made into a gradient), which you can use this color picker to get a code for. Option 2. You can give us the color code for the iris, the shape and color of the pupil, and the shape and color of the reflected light.
  • When the decal is applied, the background will be replaced by whatever you apply the vinyl to. * Please select the size and color of decal • This decal can be applied on car windows, refrigerators, laptops, and any other smooth surface. • This product is made out of mil high performance calendered vinyl.
  • Its body and fur look just like an otter. Males carry venom that can cause considerable pain to humans. And the female platypus lays eggs like a bird or reptile, making it one of only two mammals (the echidna is the other) to do so. Also unlike most mammals, a platypus lacks teeth.
  • Enjoy this two-in-one Halloween-themed book starring Phineas, Ferb, and Perry the Platypus! Will the boys and their friends be able to save Danville after accidentally creating evil platypus clones? Then, just when they think they're safe, Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to overtake the city by catching the giant floating baby head and receiving three.
  • The easiest way to Floss with Braces. Bracket Pick for around those pesky brackets. Gone are the days of threading endlessly for hours - now you can floss and go OR simply floss on the go. The platypus ortho flosser comes in a bag of 30 flossers, and is changing the way the world flosses with braces.

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