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At The Turn Of The Tide


  • turn of the tide. A reversal of fortune, as in This last poll marked the turn of the tide, with our candidate gaining a sizable majority. Similarly, to turn the tide means “reverse a situation,” as in The arrival of reinforcements turned the tide in the battle.
  • Apr 20,  · Directed by Norman Walker. With John Garrick, J. Fisher White, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Wilfrid Lawson. The arrival in a Yorkshire fishing village of the Lunns with a modern fishing boat is deeply resented by the Fosdycks. Eventually hostilities are overcome and the families join forces to get a modern deep sea fishing boat/10(53).
  • Scott P. Richert, Catholicism Guide, says: At the Turn of the Tide, by Caspar Ignatius, is eclectic but always interesting, and always true to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Popular Posts "Christ and I were having eye contact for the first time".
  • to change a situation, especially so that you begin to win instead of losing He claimed that his government was turning the tide in the war against drugs. Synonyms and related words Definition and synonyms of turn the tide from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.
  • What’s not rising over the last several days is the number of people being admitted to the hospital due to the virus. It went from 1, last Thursday to Sunday.
  • At the turn of the tide, something goes on in the unknown deeps below, which sets the whole face of the quicksand shivering and trembling in a manner most remarkable to see, and which has given to it, among the people in our parts, the name of the Shivering Sand.
  • At the Turn of the Tide: A Book of Wild Birds [Richard Perry] on lactiorereshotiteslixydemule.coinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At the Turn of the Tide: A Book of Wild Birds5/5(1).
  • the tide turned | turn the tide. used to say that there is a change in somebody’s luck or in how successful they are being. The tide turned for the Canadian at the start of the second set. This contract is probably our last chance to turn the tide. Topics Success c2, Difficulty and failure c2;.

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