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  • Clock Calculator: Add Time or Subtract Time. Enter a date and time, then add or subtract any number of months, days, hours, or seconds.
  • to take one number or quantity from another. If you subtract 5 from 8, 3 is left; In their first year at school, most children learn to add and subtract.
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  • Our Subtract Calculator below can subtract one number from another. What makes this Subtract Calculator unique is that it can handle not only decimals, but also negative numbers. Sometimes it may be confusing to subtract a positive number from a negative number or maybe a negative number from a negative number.
  • To subtract numbers with more than one digit (such as "") use any of these methods, choose the one you prefer: Subtraction with Regrouping (also called "Borrowing") This is the method most people use! Quick Subtraction (more complicated, but can be faster).
  • The Subtract (TimeSpan) method returns the date that is a specified time interval difference from the current instance. To determine the time interval between two dates, call the Subtract (DateTime) method.
  • Subtract is to take away something or to reduce something by a set amount. When you have the money you owe your boss taken out of your paycheck, this is an example of subtract. When you do a math problem where you start with the number five and you take away two to arrive at the number three, this is an example of subtract.
  • to take a number or amount away from another number or amount: subtract sth from sth The costs of manufacturing are subtracted from revenue.

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